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This is where you can view the audio files for each of my songs.

Block Party

Over the summer, I had an idea for a saxophone quartet "salsa-esque" composition. I had the idea of dance in mind and I wanted to experiment with odd time signatures while still having it upbeat and pallatable. The final product? Block Party. This set includes Block Party's Conductor's Score and Part scores; to include Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone parts.  *** Caution: your socks will be rocked off ***

Waltz in F Major

This is the first piano composition I have ever written. I wrote it my first year of attending Tennessee Wesleyan University. I was inspired by some of the music from the music theory and music literature classes I had attended. My main inspiration was Chopin, which is the composer to one of my audition pieces that I used to get into the music program. This marks the beginning of my journey through composing and with its flaws and happy accidents, I hope you will enjoy Waltz in F Major.

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