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End of the year


It has been a while!!!

To update everyone, I am nearing the end of my 2nd year as a music major. It has probably been the most toughest year yet. I am wrapping up my theory classes, just did a spring concert with TWU's Chorale and Concert Choir. Most of all, I have been reconsidering all of my life choices that led me up to this much stress and frustration. However, I love being able to share all of my music with you all, and as the year is coming to the end, of course I am going to release more music on my website. I have been working on a bunch of ideas. None of them finished of course, but ideas none-the-less.

First of all, I wanted to change a couple of things in the shop. The items listed were way too expensive. Like, way too expensive. So, I changed the price. Now, you will be able to actually afford my music. tehe

Second of all, there is no way to preview my music before you buy. The shop will not allow me to add mp3 audio files to the actual store page. Thus, I am going to be creating a separate page on my website dedicated to mp3 audio and samples. It is going to be posted as soon as this blog is live. You're welcome :)

Other than that, with the summer coming up, I am hoping to be able to do a lot more stuff here than I have this past academic year. I will keep posting to keep y'all updated.

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